Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What's In the Netflix Queue #19

It's been over two months since I last visited this series of posts, but I suppose I've had plenty of other things to write about... which is always a nice problem to have. The next ten titles in my queue are as follows, though I suspect they'll get moved around endlessly as I begin to line up a long selection of horror films in honor of Halloween.

1. The Untouchable- The ubiquitous French filmmaker Benoit Jacquot's latest film about a girl searching for her father who gets lost in India. Jacquot has always made small, uncompromising films and I look forward to this one.
2. An Obsession- This film from Shinji Aoyama, whose 3 hour "Eureka" from 2000 remains a masterwork (and unavailable on DVD or VHS), appears to be his debut, released in a box set with three other early works. This one is described as a "shadowy thriller".
3. Fort Apache, the Bronx- Early 80's Paul Newman flick about a New York being ostracized after witnessing a fellow cop commit murder. I'll pretty much watch anything with Newman.
4. Not For Or Against- Directed by Cedric Klapisch ("Un Air de Famille")... after seeing "Tell No One" recently, I've been inspired to check out some other French thrillers. I've seen all the usual suspects in this genre, so I"m having to dig a little deeper and this one sounds promising- from Netflix: "Charismatic thief Jean (Vincent Elbaz) asks dedicated Parisian camerawoman Caty (Marie Gillain) to film his next robbery. Caty takes the assignment, seduced not only by Jean but also by a life of crime. With every job, the stakes get higher, until Caty agrees to take part in a large-scale heist that could put her life on the line.
5. Police Tapes- Mid 70's documentary about a TV crew that tagged along with various officers in a downtown New York precinct. Winner of several Emmy's, I've never heard of it before. Worth a shot.
6. Season of the Witch- One of the early George Romero films I've never seen, I assume this was recently put out on DVD? I certainly don't remember it being available while I was tracking down all his films last year. This one deals with witches (obviously) and black magic.
7. La Balance- Another French 'policier', "La Balance's" plot synopsis is as follows: "After most of their moles are killed, a band of ruthless police detectives find it necessary to enlist a new narc to get the skinny on a major drug ring. The vice squad chooses Dede Laffont (Philippe Leotard) -- an intriguing pimp who's tight with the drug traffickers -- to snitch on his old boss, who's now his nemesis."
8. Wild Life- Second film in the Aoyama box set, this one from the late 90's about a boxer trying to deal with police, gangsters, throwing fights and a missing daughter. I'm really curious to dig into Aoyama's early efforts here.
9. The Third Generation- Honestly, I'm usually very bored by Fassbinder's films. I don't always gel with his sensibilities and he's a bit too graphic at times ("Querelle" anyone?) for my tastes, but this is one of the few I haven't seen and it deals with a sect of radicals involved with mayhem and violence. I'm not expecting much knowing Fassbinder's penchant for pretty much draining the life out of genre, but I'll give it a shot.
10. Joe- Early 70's film starring the great Peter Boyle as a man helping his friend scour the seedy parts of a city for his runaway daughter. Highly regarded as a counter-culture classic.


elgringo said...

1. Le Trou
2. Son of Rambow
3. The Machine Girl
4. Hearts of Darkness
5. Fresh
6. Backstage
7. Heavy Metal Parking Lot
8. Love on a Diet
9. M
10. Freaked

TALKING MOVIEzzz said...
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Joe Baker said...


I've seen 6 of the titles you mentioned. "The Machine Girl" and "Freaked" sound especially intriguing though!