Monday, September 22, 2008

Links and Shameless Self Promotion

First, to get the self promotion out of the way, you can click here to listen to an hour long Blog Talk Radio program that I've been privileged to co-host with my good buddy Chris from his Trashcan Odorous Jr blog. We've got a good slot each week (Saturday 1-2pm central and 2-3 eastern) and we're both surprised how well the first gig came out. We spent a little more time talking about sports than film (which is our main purpose) but what the hell, it's our show. If you get past the 30 minute mark, we actually discuss film. And we had some great interaction from various people who stopped in. Very fun stuff and I look forward to show #2 in a long, illustrious career!

From Toronto, Telluride and Venice, two films caught my attention that I need to see now. First, Darren Aronofsky's "The Wrestler" (see clip below) and a Danish film directed by Ole Christian Madsen entitled Flame and Citron. This looks and sounds like a modern re-working of Alan Clarke's "Elephant", and I can never ignore a good old fashioned Resistance drama.

And, wow, is it October already? That means time to roll out the horror flicks and get my Netflix queue loaded with some scary, thrilling or gory titles and enjoy the dark recesses of the month. Two blogs, Piper's Lazy Eye Theatre blog promises some eerie shit while at The Kinetoscope Parlor, he dares us to watch at least one horror movie a day. Ouch. Now that's scary.

And finally, a blogathon announcement by He Shot Cyrus asking for everyone to submit their best post ever. That could be some seriously great reading.

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Chris Gaubatz said...

That was gracious of you to include the central time...nice segway into our east coast bias segment.