Thursday, July 09, 2009

What's In the Netflix Queue #24

It's been a while since I've given your inquiring minds a look at my queue. Here we go:

1. Mad Dog Morgan- 70's Dennis Hopper film that doesn't sound too distinctive. MGM HD channel played this last month and I missed it. Hopper stars in a plot described as such: "ruthless bounty hunter scour Australia's harsh outback for infamous outlaw Mad Dog Morgan (Dennis Hopper) in this thriller based on the life of the Irishman who immigrated during the 1800s gold rush. Morgan is caught for stealing horses and endures years of torture behind bars. He continues his outlaw ways after his release, and soon he's wanted … dead or alive." Early 70's coked-up Hopper in a western? I'm there.
2. The Whistle Blower- Found this one while scouring that lovable feature in Netflix where members can create lists. Starring Michael Caine, it involves spy stuff and skulduggery. Made in the late 80's, this very well may be a made-for-TV movie, but Caine rarely disappoints. Plus, it's spy stuff!
3. Liliom- On going look at every Fritz Lang film I can. There'll be a humongous post in the future as I track down every available film.
4. F.I.S.T.- Sylvester Stallone as a labor leader? Sounds like gritty 70's fun.
5. Manhunter- With all my gushing over Michael Mann's latest, I decided to go back and re-watch this one. I've only seen this twice for some reason. I vividly remember a scene in a darkened kitchen with Tom Noonan. I look forward to re-discovering this one.
6. Before I Forget- Jacque Nolot writes, stars and directs in this French film from 2008 that has more than its share of supporters.
7. Dov'e le Liberte?- I don't know when they were released on DVD, but two of Roberto Rosselini's later pictures popped up as a recommendation recently. "Escape By Night" was a terrific film about three escaped POW's seeking refuge in an Italian town. "Dov'e le Liberte": "After serving a two-decade sentence for murdering his wife's lover, barber Salvatore (Totò) gets out of prison early for good behavior. But he soon finds that the outside world has changed so much that prison starts to look appealing by comparison. Before long, Salvatore starts hatching a plan to bust back into the slammer in this humor-filled dramatic gem from Italian master director Roberto Rossellini." A definite must see.
8. Torn Curtain- Hitchcock. Newman. Spy stuff. Say no more.
9. Cypher- Whatever happened to director Vincent Natali? After the smash cult success of "Cube"in 1998, he sorta fell off the map. IMDB shows several projects in development, though. This one, from 2005, stars Jeremy Northam involved in some sci-fi corporate espionage.
10. Stranded- Documentary about the Uruguayan rugby team who crash landed in the Andes and resorted to some, um, awful things to stay alive.

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