Sunday, July 05, 2009

Few Thoughts On "Public Enemies"

Emerged from the theater shaken and invigorated from the latest display of machoism from one of the finest directors working today. From start to finish, this thing is a masterpiece. Just when I'd start to settle down in my seat, the subtle tension of its cat and mouse game would be punctuated by swift, abrasive pounds of machine gunfire and beautifully choreographed set-pieces. The connection created between Depp and Coltillard is heartfelt and poignant... and that final scene between her and Winstead (Stephen Lang) is pitch-perfect. And, I haven't seen a film this good looking since... well "Miami Vice". This is a film that deserves to be seen through a digital projector. The images are so crisp, certain moments were awe-inspiring. The gold statues in the background of one bank.... the texture on the wall when Cotillard talks on the phone with Depp.... the warm interior hues of gold and green. Simply stunning. I'll stop now. I don't know if I'll see a better film this year.

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