Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Top 5 List: Songs That Should Be Used In A Movie.... Somehow, Someway

5. Max Richter- "Embers"

After Richter's compositions were used in Scorsese's "Shutter Island" earlier this year, his breathtaking sounds are simply made for cinema.

4. The Walker Brothers- "Lines"

After their song "The Electrician" was used so magnificently in "Bronson", I think The Walker Brothers are seriously overdue for some recognition. "Lines", one of four songs in a row from their 1978 album "Nite Flights", is just the song to convey.... something cool.

3. The Cranberries- "Zombie"

This nineties song which haunted my youth after the first time I heard it has probably been used somewhere (any one know?) but I don't recall it. Still a terrific song that has cinematic potential for any scene.

2. Smile Smile- "Sad Song"

This Dallas duo has yet to make it big, but their sound is incredible and ripe for the next Jennifer Aniston rom-com? Or maybe trailer.

1. The Twilight Singers- "Hyperballad"

If you're a fan of "Rescue Me", then one understands the power that Greg Dulli's strained voice can have over visual images. Denis Leary is a fan and it shows, featuring The Twilight Singers in several shows. I could easily see their sound complementing a Duplass brothers micro-indie.

Taking all suggestions for your own.

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weepingsam said...

I've heard zombie in a movie, but I can't for the life of me remember where. You'd think it would be quite common, actually...