Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Top 5 List: The P.T. Anderson Set Pieces

The following post is my contribution to the Paul Thomas Anderson blogathon being hosted over at The Moon In the Gutter blog.

Anderson is known for staging scenes of incredible power, and these, ranked in order of preference, are the ones that continually amaze me:

5. Boogie Nights- known as the Sister Christian scene:

The more I watch this scene, the more I'm in awe of Anderson's command of tone and that spaced out lil improv that Wahlberg does. Just the perfect blend of music and image.

4. Punch Drunk Love- spinning out of control

Anderson's most divisive film is something that grows on you. The scene (starting at about the 4 minute mark) is a virtuoso display of frustration, confusion, anxiety and tension colliding. We've all felt moments like this.

3. Magnolia- breaking down

My favorite Anderson film.... a masterpiece that's awe-inspiring and magical. This scene takes on another dimension as I'm pretty sure its written directly about Anderson's own father.

2. Boogie Nights- bringin' in the 80's

Every movie deserves a scene like this.

1. There Will Be Blood- thar she blows

Still get chills everytime I watch this scene. The glorious tracking shots... Jonny Greenwood's experimental (but brilliant) score... the images that are worthy of a silent film classic...

And a bonus:

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