Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Long, Strange, Fun Trip

Image courtesy of Tony Gutierrez posted at
Lone Star Ball.

Ask any fan around here, and they'll tell you the '09 Rangers season was fun and electric, even if they did miss the playoffs due to some poor play in September. Until then, they gave the Angels and Red Sox some tense moments. Looking forward to next year, it's hard not to be excited about their prospects. Cheers, Rangers!

World Series prediction: Dodgers beat Yankees in seven.


weepingsam said...

They gave it a good run - finally came up with some nice young pitchers... it's kind of a lot to ask 3 rookie starters to make the playoffs (they had three rookies in the rotation, right? I know Holland and Hunter were), but let's hope they can keep it together.

Joe Baker said...

Holland/Hunter yes... and Feldman could also be considered that since he came up late last year. What really killed was the bullpen, which up until late August was the third best in the bigs with ERA. Protecting leads was easy. Not anymore.

Anonymous said...

Phils over Yanks in 6 - Brad