Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Produced and Abandoned: Part 2

Ten more titles that deserve a release on Region 1 DVD:

1. The Keep (1983)- The only Michael Mann not readily available. This aired on Bravo or TBS a looong time ago and I missed dubbing it onto a shoddy VHS tape (or maybe I did and the VHS tape broke!). The word of mouth has been lukewarm, but damn it, hiding any Michael Mann from the eyes of the mainstream is a crime.
2. Second Sight (1989)- Does anyone besides me remember this movie? John Larroquette as a detective who enlists the help of psychic Bronson Pinchot to find a missing person? Probably supreme self indulgence on my part (who really wants to see this?), but I loved this movie when I was younger.
3. A Brighter Summer Day (1991)- With Taiwanese director Edward Yang passing a couple years ago, I think it's definitely time larger audiences get a glimpse of this (supposed) towering achievement. Art house fans label this the holy grail, as there's several versions floating around out there, and a supposed 4 hour cut that made the rounds at festivals. While we're at it, how about a proper release of "Taipai Story" as well?
4. Freebie and the Bean (1975)- My dad and other older friends rave about this film. It pops up occasionally on TV, but a DVD look is long overdue.
5. That Cold Day In the Park (1969)- Prolific output does tend to raise the Not on DVD quotient, and Robert Altman certainly fits the bill. Even though "Brewster McLoud" dots alot of these lists (seen it, wasn't too impressed), this title has always eluded me.
6. The Last Movie (1971)- Bat shit, coked-up Dennis Hopper is always kinda good. And bat-shit, coked-up Dennis Hopper as director is even crazier. While I can't always claim this is a good movie, there are some interesting ideas and Hopper does his best to contribute to the bloated, independent feeling of out-there 70's cinema. Like some of Wim Wenders, "The Last Movie" is a self-reflexive look at filmmaking-as-apocalypse, and I'd love to see the reaction this film gets on wide release in region 1.

And now, a few titles suggested from the United Provinces of Ivanlandia blog

7. The Devils (1971)- Ken Russell's much sought after film about nuns and, well devils, is getting some talk around the blogosphere as it recently turned up on region 2 DVD. With other Russell BBC films making their DVD splash earlier this year, here's hoping "The Devils" isn't far behind.
8. Run of the Arrow (1957)- We always need Sam Fuller on DVD.
9. The Hellstrom Chronicle (1971)- Honestly, I had to look this one up. You learn something new everyday. 1971's Oscar winner for best documentary is called "a visually stunning look into the vast world of insects".
10. The Island (1980)- No, not the marginally entertaining Michael bay flick with (yum) Scarlett Johansson, but Michael Ritchie's (hugely under appreciated) violent pirates movie starring Michael Caine. I'm there.

And a few quick notes. Thanks to readers of the blog, looks like I'll be seeing two films from my previous post including "Wanda Nevada" and "The Outfit". Thanks!

Secondly, TCM is showing some phenomenal films this much, and in late June, they'll be showing Lumet's "The Deadly Affair" which I've been grasping to see for years as well as other 70's not on DVD films such as "The Carey Treatment". Again, you gotta love TCM.


TALKING MOVIEzzz said...
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Ivan said...

Yow! Thanks for the shout-out, Joseph: I do appreciate it.

Marilyn Ferdinand recently did an interesting write up of The Devils (she's gotten ahold of a extras-packed bootleg):

And if I may toot my own horn, I tried an assessment of The Hellstrom Chronicle in February:


weepingsam said...

... and Terrorizer... probably too much to ask for That Day at the Beach, or Confucian Confusion to come out.... it would be hard to come up with anyone more deserving of some kind of release than Edward Yang... there have been some retrospectives in the last couple years, so maybe something is in the offing...

Anonymous said...

Joe, have Freebie on dvd if you need it, see ya next poker game