Monday, February 18, 2008

What's In the Netflix Queue #14

With so much dreck in theaters right now, it's been a rather DVD heavy month. Next weekend promises the first movie I actually want to see in a theater this year- Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind. Here are the next ten titles in my Netflix queue:

1. Maculin Feminine- I've been rewatching alot of Godard lately. I've only seen this film once. Certainly due for a second round.
2. Equus- For any concerned, I'm still plowing my way through Sidney Lumet films.... almost to the point of compulsion. I've been able to track down early VHS copies of movies like "The Anderson Tapes" and "The Group", plus there's still some available on DVD that I've yet to watch. This is one of them.
3. Grandma's Boy- I really have no excuse for this one. Some friends tell me it's hilarious, plus it feautures some of the Apatow crew such as Linda Cardellini (who I'm in love with) from "Freaks and Geeks" fame and Jonah Hill. By the way, check out the new red band trailer for the next Apatow-crew project, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.
4. The Real Dirt On Farmer John- Documentary about a hippie commune that folded under the agricultural boom of the 80's. It got a lot of good print a while back and just out on DVD in the last few weeks.
5. The Quiet Duel- I've seen all available Kurosawa films on VHS and DVD, and this five disc "Postwar Kurosawa" boxset from Eclipse fills the gap with some of his late 40's and early 50's films. "The Quiet Duel" deals with a doctor (played by regular Toshiro Mifune) who contracts syphilis and the ramifications in family and society.
6. Comedy of Power- Recent Claude Chabrol release.
7. The Boston Strangler- Is New York really the center of the film universe? I ask this because anytime a film society (Lincoln Center, Film Forum) hosts a retrospective or partial retrospective screening of a director, that artist immediately undergoes critical evaluation around the U.S. This month, they're showing three Richard Fleischer films. The net is beginning to buzz about him (hack or not?), he's enjoyed a prominent and well-written essay in the latest issue of Film Comment and his name is being vollied back and forth on blogs. All of this to say... I've never really investigated him as a director. Checking his filmography, it's filled with films from my youth ("Red Sonja", "Conan The Destroyer", "Mr. Majestyk") but not any real obvious career definers. I'll check out "The Boston Strangler", which I hear is a pretty involving police procedural, and if I like, I might dig deeper.
8. No Regrets For Our Youth- Another postwar Kurosawa release.
9. In the Shadow of the Moon- NASA documentary that ended up on quite a few top ten lists this past year.
10. Quiet City- DIY filmmaker Aaron Katz's highly regarded independent film. The trailer was well rendered. I'm not a huge fan of the 'mumblecore' movement, but this one seems different somehow.


Anonymous said...

Fleischer is very uneven, especially when he became virtual house director for Darryl Zanuck in the Sixties. Boston Strangler is pretty good, and Tony Curtis is almost unrecognizable.

Joe Baker said...


Thanks for the comment on Boston Strangler. It piqued my interest in the Film Comment article when writer Richard Combs called it one of the best films of the 60's. High praise indeed.