Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Random Thoughts On the Super Bowl

1. Not that I had a vested interest in either team winning, but I kinda hoped the Pats would win just so every ESPN announcer would stop trying to clone the Chris Berman G-MEN expression. It's annoying enough when just Berman does it.
2. Commercials- not so funny. Since when did people doing stupid dances, celebs singing badly and doing stupid dances, and CGI created lizard things doing stupid dances become funny?
3. I kinda wanna see "Iron Man" now.
4. I don't watch many Pats games so I don't know the amount of coverage she usually receives, but where were all the Eva Longoria-type screen shots of Giselle whats her name? They could've got alot more mileage out of her.
5. I enjoyed the game. Sorta old fashioned, very few referee interferences and they allowed the guys to play football for a change. Nothing was decided due to controversial calls or blown flags. Good job guys.
6. That Manning non-sack-catch play will live on and on and on.
7. Bellichick really hates losing. A classless showing after a legit beating.
8. Another thing about Bellichick. Why not go for the long field goal at 46 yards to at least give your team a chance? I mean 4th and 13 conversion? Not the way Brady was dodging blue jerseys in the pocket all night. Maybe all those 4th down 'go for its' during the regular season when they were already up by 31 finally came back to haunt them. You can't convert 'em all. Hire a new kicker then.
9. I guessed it. There were at least 2 mentions of God during the post game interview. And from the same player!
10. Look on the brightside, Boston. You still got 1 world champ. Don't be greedy.

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