Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Least Pretentious Way To Watch A Movie

I don't know how prevalant these types of places are around the country, but if there's one near you, I urge you to check it out in the near future. It's known as a movie grill. By doing some quick research, it appears the chain I visited here in Dallas is locally owned and operated, opening a little over 10 years ago. I know places such as Austin's Alamo Drafthouse have been catering to this style of movie-watching for years now and I'm sure each city has their own variations, but this is a fun environment. I went with a group of friends on Friday night and was blown away by the level of entertainment. First off, for you alcoholics out there, I've yet to be at a movie/bar setting (such as the various Angelika settings for example) whose bar doesn't outclass a majority of the city's other hot drinking spots. Then, when allowed into the theater, we found ourselves a perfectly clear view of the screen, relaxing in plush chairs with a table directly in front of us. There was room to spread out your legs and truly enjoy the experience. Throughout the movie, the waitstaff remains fairly invisible so they don't detract from the film. And, add to that, this is an environment that elicits howling, clapping and reactions to the on-screen action. Overall, just a highly pleasurable experience that everyone should participate in with friends.

And as for the movie.. I've kept you in suspense long enough. Rambo. Based on the reaction of 1 of my friends as we exited the theater, "that was the greatest film known to mankind." Need I say more? This is the type of film that defies critical expectations. Simply order another pitcher and roll with the fun.


Chris Gaubatz said...

I didn't have a beer when I saw it, but Rambo was great. Sly seems to be more sensitive to realism in his later years. This one was better than any of the others, and more graphic than I had anticipated. What makes the graphic nature of this movie unsettling is the fact that this stuff is actually going on over there. I heard Stallone being interviewed by Michael Savage, and he said that he wanted to shed some light on the violence that is taking place over there.

Joe Baker said...


I too was surprised by the violence, though alot of it was very CGI noticeable, which may be how it slipped by with the R rating.