Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Is The Day After Tomorrow Really Happening?

The snapshot below was taken from local WFAA Local 8 weather radar about an hour ago. This low pressure trough of rain has been sitting over my area for 2 days now, plummeting the area with rain and causing widespread flood evacuations across the metroplex. And it's not going anywhere until probably late Friday or Saturday, moving south to north, which means more locally heavy rain and flooding. And even though we desperately need the rain after the severe droughts of '05 and '06, we've officially reached our breaking point here in the metroplex, exceeding our entire year's rainfall amount of last year in the first 6 months. Dallas set a record in May with 21 out of 31 days with measured rain, plus we've yet to reach a high over 94 this year, which is exceptionally rare. Right now, its 76 degrees outside and with the clouds, not going to reach over 85 until the weekend. Again, weird. Add to that, North Texas measured 2 inches of SNOW over Easter weekend. People I've talked to here in Dallas that've lived here all their lives say they've never seen such a thing. I guess I shouldn't be complaining, after all this IS a much COOLER summer, more rain, and I'm yet to personally suffer any ramifications of high water. So there's that. Call it or El Nino or whatever you like, but I'm watching for the end of the world to occur in Dallas any day now.....

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