Monday, June 25, 2007

5 Things I've Loved in Movies So Far This Year

In lieu of a mid-year 'best of' list like I usually do in various places, I thought I'd use the blog forum to open up conversation on what everyone else thinks are the best images they've encountered in film so far in '07. It's not that I couldn't make up a list so far, but the idea of using vivid pictures and other conversations just seems more stimulating. Listed below are 5 images from several films this year that have struck me a certain way; whether it be a face, a scene or a motif. So, I invite everyone to participate, post answers on their own blog and look forward to the other 6 months left in this film going year. In no numerical order:

1. Leslie Mann in "Knocked Up"- I really think I kinda fell in love with actress Leslie Mann after seeing her in this movie. I recognized her as the psycho drunk that almost scores with the 40 Year Old Virgin (and she was hysterical there as she is here) but she brings something new to her role in Apatow's latest. The interaction between her and Paul Rudd is priceless, and when things get a little real (such as when she's not allowed into a night club because she's "old") her humor gives way to some precise emotions about growing older.

2. The first image of The Host rising out of the river- Nothing compares to this stunning 4 minute sequence in Bong Joon-Ho's "The Host" as the 'thing' rises out of the water and wrecks havoc on the passer-bys. Joon-Ho graces the whole event in a long tracking shot that's elegant, chaotic and intense at the same time. And, this is probably the first monster movie in history to reveal the creature in its first appearance, and in broad daylight no less. It speaks volumes about the film's pretentiousness.

3. Actress Imogen Poots in "28 Weeks Later"- For the first time in the history of zombie movies, actress Imogen Poots took the focus away from the zombies and gave us a fully realized and fierce performance as the heroine. Reminiscent of a young Rebecca Gayheart but with acting chops, Poots held my attention every time she was on screen. She has some of the most intense eyes on an actress I've ever seen. I look forward to whatever she does next.

4. The swan in "Hott Fuzz"- There's alot to be said for a running gag in a comedy, but when it works quite as well as it does in "Hot Fuzz", it becomes comedy gold.

5. Actress Carice van Houten in "Black Book"- If the above image doesn't sell you on the genuine beauty of actress Carice van Houten, then you're blind. And like every other actress on this list, they earned their spot here. In "Black Book", Verhoeven manages to expose van Houten to every possible type of degradation and deceit during her campaign as a Jewish spy during World War 2. But, she holds up well and manages to portray her character with style and dignity.

So... what are your top 5.....


TALKING MOVIEzzz said...

I just posted my list.

Great idea!

PIPER said...

Damn Joseph,

Good post. Hated 28 Weeks Later, but loved that girl. Leslie Mann makes me tingle all over. That first scene in The Host is unforgettable. That and when it pukes up all the bones is another shocking scene.