Sunday, July 08, 2007

What's In the Netflix Queue #7

Another round. Here goes:

1. The Booth- J horror film that I rented one time from my local BLockbuster, got thrugh 20 minutes and couldn't hear any sound. From what I saw, it was pretty creepy.
2. Runaway Train- Jon Voight and Eric Roberts on a train with a conductor who suffers a heart attack. Like the description says, if you think this is "corny action fare", Roberts and Voight both got Oscar noms for this film.
3. Siberiade- Aint It Cool News raved about this film; 2 discs, five hours spanning the lives of 2 families from the Bolshevik revolution to the 70's. After watching the 5 hour and 37 minute "1900" this week sometime, I'll need to change the cushions on the couch....
4. Charlotte Gray- This is one Cate Blanchett film I've never seen. Anyone who vistis this blog knows my love for Cate runs deep.
5. There Was A Crooked Man- Western starring Kirk Douglas and a host of great supporting character actors. Can't remember where this one comes recommended from.
6. The Assassination of Trotsky-Joseph Losey film in which Alain Delon is sent into the inner circle to kill Trotsky (obviously!). I have a very hard time turning down any Delon film in which he plays a contract killer. Add to that political intrigue, and I'm so there.
7. Savage Cinema from Down Under: Stained- Australian director Mark Savage (whose other films were listed earlier) crafts some pretty unnerving exploitation flicks and this is another. Once I get through a few more, I may write up something on him. He's an interesting one if you like experimental exploitation films.
8. The Bounty- I may have seen this early Mel Gibson flick back in the day, but it sounds interesting. Director Roger Donaldson's film tracks the mutiny on board a ship commanded by Anthony Hopkins. Should be some great scene-chewing.
9. My Left Foot- With actor Daniel Day Lewis co-starring in "The Bounty", so begins my exploration of the few films of his I haven't seen. I still believe he's one of the 5 greatest actors of the past 20 years, so I need to see everything he's done.
10. The Boxer- Daniel Day Lewis, director Jim Sheridan. They made magic before.

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