Friday, June 08, 2007

What's In the Netflix Queue #6

This selection is pretty random. I"m not working through the oeuvre of any particular director right now, so the films are varied. Comment if you have any suggestions or thoughts on the mentioned flicks:

1. Chan Is Missing- One of Wayne Wang's first films that just came out on DVD a little while back. I've been looking for this one for quite a while so I'm excited to finally catch a glimpse.
2. The Man Who Never Was- Intriguing sounding British WW2 film about a conspiracy to mislead the Germans about a military landing in Greece. A friend recently re-counted the entire true history of this story and it sounded fascinating.
3. The Dam Busters- Another British war film that documents the conception, building and eventual use of "bouncing bombs" that were used to hit Nazi reservoirs and flood portions of their cities. British war films are usually a grab-bag... but this one has a nice angle. It should be a nice companion piece to the previous film on this list.
4. Crazed Fruit- Yashushi Nakahari's nouvelle vague look at disaffected youth in postwar Japan. I know nothing about this film except for a stellar write-up from Aint It Cool News a long time ago.
5. Prime Cut- Michael Ritchie's 70's exploitation flick.
6. Loud Quiet Loud, A Film About the Pixies- Being a huge Pixies fan, I don't see how this documentary can go wrong.
7. Savage Cinema: Defenceless-Another odd ball choice that came recommended from a couple of Netflix friends. Directed by a man named Mark Savage, I've got 4 films of his in my queue. They're supposedly pretty raw and tough exploitation films that have grown a cult following in their native Australia. Once again, the joys of Netflix can bring home some unheralded gems or utter trash. The jury is still out on this one. I'll keep everyone updated!
8. 1900- Bertolucci's epic film (i.e. clocking in at 5 hours) has finally made its way out of the basement of edited versions and given a proper release on DVD. I watched part of this film when I was much younger and going through a Robert DeNiro phase, but didn't appreciate the style and grandeur of Bertolucci's vision. It's time to give this film another shot.
9. Sensitive New Age Killers- Another Mark Savage flick.
10. This Film Is Not Yet Rated- I've heard mixed views about Kirby Dick's controversial attack on the MPAA system. My local Blockbuster didn't carry it, so he must've pissed off someone.....

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