Sunday, August 24, 2014

What's In the Netflix Queue #38

1. Holy Motors (2012)- Leos Carax's much acclaimed film played here in Dallas uneventfully for about a week before exiting, and I'm just now catching up with it
2. Los Bastardos (2011)- Filmmaker Amat Escalante made some waves earlier this year when his film "Heli" played at the Cannes Film Fest. This one, his debut, sounds like it mines the same tough territory of drug dealers and lowlifes in Mexico. 
3. Geronimo An American Legend (1993)- Walter Hill's tale of the Apache warrior who fought against the American army. I think I added this one when I was going through a Gene Hackman phase a while back... and just to mention Nicholas Roeg's "Eureka" is pretty darn good Hackman.
4. Rocco and His Brothers (1960)- Saw this years ago when I was a fledgling film enthusiast on a Blockbuster VHS copy, but I was blown away by it. Oft cited as one of Scorsese's favorite films, Visconti's epic tale of one Italian family and their divisions over time should be essential viewing. 
5. The Bay (2012)- Wait. Barry Levinson doing a found footage horror film? Maybe I'll begin my October horror-thon early!
6. Cannibal Holocaust (1980)- With the talk of Eli Roth re-imagining the cannibal horror film, I decided to see schlock master Ruggero Deodato's original video nasty for the first time. 
7. The Central Park Five (2012)- Documentary about the trial of five men arrested and convicted in 1989 for the rape of a woman in Central Park. Nothing like a hotly contested court case to make a thrilling documentary.
8. The Green Berets (1968)- John Wayne. Veitnam. Nuff said.
9. Son of Gascogne (1995)- A favorite of critic Andrew Sarris back in the day. From the Neflix description: "In this romantic comedy, lanky tour guide Harvey (Gregoire Colin) is told by a stranger that he strongly resembles legendary 1960s French new wave filmmaker Gascogne; before long, he's assumed to be Gascogne's son. Harvey quickly becomes the toast of Paris, hobnobbing with directors and Gascogne groupies. But his newfound "fame" may derail his relationship with Dinara (Dinara Droukarova), the film-buff interpreter on the tour.
10. Next five are Alejandro Jodorwosky films. Let the madness begin.

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