Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What's In the Netflix Queue #37

This is a bit outdated since a third of my viewing has shifted to streaming, but there are still plenty of titles not available through that avenue. The next 10 titles (disc) in my queue:

 1. Eyes Without A Face- After being able to track down a few of Georges Franju's lesser known and unavailable films, it's kind of glaring that I've never seen the one film of his that IS available. Looking forward to this one.
2. George Harrison Material World- Scorsese's documentary on Beatle George Harrison received genuinely good reviews. I'm not a huge Beatle nut, but I'm always up for a trip with Scorsese at the helm.
3. Helsinki Napoli- Really just watching this for the cameo by director Sam fuller, yet Finnish neo-noir can always be interesting.
4. 'Round Midnight- This is the first film in a list by French director Bertrand Tavernier that I'm watching. This film, about the destructive nature of jazz musicians in the 30's, is generally regarded as one of his best films.
5. Let Joy Reign Supreme- Debut from director Tavernier.
6. Satatango (3 discs)- Ok, I've tried this a couple times in the past. Here's hoping Bela Tarr's epic, spine-cringing black and white moodier hits the right spot this time. I understand the best way to watch this one is just allow the visuals and sound to wash over you.
7. Littlerock- From the Netflix description: "this evocative drama examines culture shock, the universal yearning for connection and the impact of history on ordinary people in the tale of Atsuko and Rintaro, Japanese siblings who come to California to visit a WW2 ear internment camp."
8. Cinema Verite- Well received HBO drama receating the first American reality TV show in the 70's. Starring Tim Robbins and Diane Lane.
9. Marooned- John Sturges late 60's drama about astronauts stranded in space.
10. Sawdust and Tinsel- One of the few Ingmar Bergman films that no one really discusses. It sounds intriguing, following the sexual digressions and betrayals of a circus clown!

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