Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trailers I Love

I haven't been a huge fan of Sam Mendes. While his films always seem to deal with 'heavy themes' that feel like an over-sized reach towards Oscar validation, his efforts do look technically classy. However, I still curl away at the pretentious, brow beating moments in his Hollywood calling card, "American Beauty" (it's only a floating paper bag, people, get over it!). There were some genuine and startingly great moments in "Road To Perdition" and "Jarhead", but both left me pretty empty. Yet, through all my ineffectual feelings towards his previous films, something looks and feels right about his latest trip through suburban malaise in "Revolutionary Road". Whether it's the way the crooning music perfectly elicits the era or the possibility of seeing Kate and Leo really tear up the screen, I don't know... but I do know I'll be there front and center for this one.

And, to add a little more anticipation to "Revolutionary Road's" 50's nostalghia, take a gander at this photo in luminous black and white.

Posted on the website First Showing Net, there are a few others one can check out. There's something intimately relaxed and intriguing about the placement of Kate and Leo during some downtime. It could have been staged for rubes like me to think it's genuine, but its hard to deny the grace of the photograph.

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