Monday, December 10, 2007

What's In the Netflix Queue #12

Another few weeks, another queue tally, or i.e. I really have nothing to post until after I see "Margot At the Wedding" tomorrow.

1. Private Fears In Public Places- new Alain Resnais film.
2. Exterminating Angels- No, this list won't be full of complex French New Wave films as already suggested by these 2 titles, but this one finally hit DVD and I've heard pretty incredible things about it. Directed by Jean Claude Brisseau, the film follows François (Frédéric van den Driessche) as he embarks on a film exploring female sexuality. He quickly finds himself in over his head as a cast of beautiful women are quick to unleash their inhibitions before the camera. Oohh, I love arty Euro porn...
3. Pigs- From Netflix, "Ex-KGB agent Franz Mauer (Boguslaw Linda) is having a tough time adjusting to work life in post-communist Poland. Once part of a privileged, elite squad, Franz now finds himself on the regular police force, assigned with infiltrating an illegal drug cartel. But the cop soon discovers many of his former colleagues have joined the ring he's trying to bring down. W. Pasikowski directs this crisp thriller that pits old loyalties against a new order." Never heard of it, but I'm willing to give it a try.
4. La Jetee/Sans Soleil- While I love Chris Marker's "La Jetee", I've never seen his "Sans Soleil". Ok, so maybe this list WILL be full of complex French New Wave flicks.
5. Ma Mere- All the critical rage right now seems to be French filmmaker Christophe Honore, and this film features Isabella Huppert seducing a younger man.
6. Waiting For the Messiah- I've seen 2 Daniel Burman films now- "Lost Embrace" and "All Stewardesses Go To Heaven". He's a supremely gifted Argentinian filmmaker who makes small, personal films. Not far removed from the star-crossed lover narratives of say, Julio Medem, Burman had a nice write-up in "Film Comment" last year which caused me to seek out his stuff.
7. Ivan's Childhood- Tarkovsky's debut film. I'm sure I've seen this somewhere down the line, but it needs a second viewing.
8. The Devil Came On Horseback- '07 documentary on the genocide in Darfur. Honestly, I've given the Iraq war documentaries a break but its time to check this one out.
9. Power- Sidney Lumet political drama. Richard Gere stars. That's all I need to know.
10. Sweet House of Horrors- No itsamadmadblog list would be complete without a cheesy exploitation flick from Lucio Fulci in the mix!

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