Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Wish List

A new Christmas trend has been started thanks to the keen imagination of Burbanked as well as Piper at his blog, who includes some scrumptuous screengrabs of Jennifer Connelly just bursting at the seams! It's a novel idea... a Christmas wish list. A few of mine would include:

1. I wish that my Netflix queue would get below 150 titles.
2. I wish that Terrence Malick eventually moves out of theory territory and gets to film his latest.
3. I hope the blog world continually progresses, morphs and develops into something even cooler.
4. I wish there to be less sequels, remakes and dumb parodies in 2008 (which seems even less likely than my queue being below 150 titles).
5. I wish that the next-gen format war will be decided so I'll know if my purchase of an HD-DVD was as wise as Mark Cuban investing in Google twelve years ago or fool-hearted.
6. I wish that baseball would somehow rise out of its muck and heal itself, endure and re-emerge as America's pastime, not its black eye.
7. I wish I get to play more golf next year.
8. I hope '07 produces just as many quality films as '08.

1 comment:

Chris Gaubatz said...

Hope all your wishes come true, brotha! Have a great new year! Also, we'll be seeing Charlie Wilson's War tonight...I'll let you know what I think...dude here