Sunday, December 02, 2007

Music Alert

One of the undisputed joyous by-products of movie watching is the exposure to new music and artists. It happened to me with a band called The Broken Social Scene last year after hearing their exceptionally well-crafted music for the film "Half Nelson". I just finished So Yong Kim's "In Between Days", an involving film about the relationship between a transplanted Korean teenager and her male friend. Pitched somewhere between the quiet, observational films of Japanese directors such as Riyuchi Kiroki and the fly-on-the-wall camera skills of the Dardennes Brothers (since the camera hardly ever leaves the face of the film's female lead) "In Between Days" manages to be an effective study in teen alienation. Even better is the film's soundtrack, featuring songs by New York band Asobi Seksu (i.e. playful sex). Not only is their sound eerily reminscient of 'sound bands' like My Bloody Valentine and the aforementioned Broken Social Scene, but female lead singer Yuki Chikudate has a voice that spills out sexuality. There's something very special when a female singer hits that perfect sound, and this band certainly does that. I'm becoming a fan. Check out the above clip and see if you don't as well.

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