Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sex, Drugs and Movies.. Ok, No Sex

It must be the hot July air that's making all these movie types go ballistic and snort up all the cocaine available in New York and L.A. The next to get caught with drugs (no, NOT Tom Sizemore) is one of my favorite actors, Peter Greene . According to this story, actor Greene was arrested in New York on Tuesday evening in posession of crack-cocaine. Greene is no stranger to addiction. He struggled with dependency all through the 90's while making himself visible in films like "Clean, Shaven", "Pulp Fiction", "The Rich Man's Wife", "Permanent Vacation" and my personal favorite, the amazing 1992 indie "Laws of Gravity". You can see, in that performance, he's not far removed from the glaze of hangover, which works pretty well for the story of a two-bit criminal gliding through New York city with his rag-tag crew. Still, I always hoped he would eventually kick his habit. I've seen him pop up in a few bit parts in the last couple years, but nothing substantial. Looks like he may be away for awhile now. We can only hope he makes a resurgent come-back ala Robert Downey Jr. Why are two of my favorite actors drug-addicted burnouts? OK, that's harsh for Downey Jr, but there must be something to the nature of fueled obsession with a substance that translates into raw performance shifting.

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