Friday, October 25, 2019

Shock and Awe: Images From Some Good and Not So Good Halloween Viewing

Mirror, Mirror (1990)

Rainbow Harvest is the main reason to see "Mirror, Mirror", a 1991 horror effort about a mirror that houses the gateway to some murderous demons. The real horror here is that Harvest effectively vanished from Hollywood after this film (although some say she still works as an editor in television?)

Paperhouse (1989)

The best chiller I've watched so far this October is Bernard Rose's "Paperhouse". More of an atmospheric coming-of-age fantasy than a horror film (and oh boy did the 80's do those better than any other), the film manages to be terrifying one minute and then emotionally draining the next as children try and make sense of senseless adolescent growing pains.

Book of Blood (2009)

Based on a Clive Barker story, "Book of Blood" mixes together alot of horror elements- paranormal investigation, body horror, metaphysical excess- and blends them into a fairly compelling tale that's also quite gory. It also features a denouement that's pretty great considering how many years we've been telling ghost stories. I've never seen one spitball the phenomenon like this one.

Witchboard (1986) 

I think there's like 78 more of these "Witchboard" films and after seeing the first, I can't bring myself to watch anymore. But hey, Tawny Kitaen.

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