Sunday, May 27, 2012

Produced and Abandoned #13

A few more titles deseving a proper release:

1) The Confession (1970)- I love the calculated, politically aware films of Costa-Gavras and after recently tracking down the wonderful "State of Siege", I'm ready for more. This film deals with the imprisonment and interrogation of a high ranking official.

2. The Woman Chaser (1999)- Actor Patrick Warburton (yes, David Putty from "Seinfeld") stars in this offbeat drama/noir that got tons of play on IFC back in the day, but has disappeared since. That's usually how it goes. There's much internet love for its eventual resurrection, but this small indie film by cult director Robinson Devor ("Zoo" and "Police Beat") has been MIA for over a decade now.

3. The Wild Life (1984)- Another film that had its continual run on cable back in the day, "The Wild Life" is written by Cameron Crowe and directed by Art Linson but has fallen through the cracks since then, mostly due to copyright laws with several songs in the film- which means we'll probably never see it on DVD if history holds true. I was way too young to appreciate the film's probable greatness when I would sneak peeks at it on HBO as a ten year old, but I do remember the electric performance of Chris Penn and sorta fell in love with Lea Thompson after this and "Howard the Duck".

4. No Blade of Grass (1970)- Apocalypse film directed by the great Cornel Wilde about a family surviving the end of the world. One would think this would crop up on TCM or another channel by now, but, alas, it hasn't. Bootleg copies are readily available though, if one were inclined... not that I'm supporting that.

5. The Games (1970)- From Imdb: "Four marathon runners (one from England, one from the U.S., a Czech and an Australian Aborigine) prepare to run in the Olympic games. The film follows each one and shows what their motivations are for running in the games." Plus, it's directed by Michael Winner and currently aired on Fox Movie Channel. It's sitting on my DVR now. Review forthcoming?

6. Static (1986)- Cult oddity from director Mark Romanek ("One Hour Photo") and writer/director Keith Gordon, this film stars Gordon as a religious young man who claims he can communicate with heaven from a device he builds. Based on the descriptions, this is a film replete with Lynchian images and off-putting ideas. Has anyone seen this?


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