Friday, March 23, 2012

Let the Games begin

No, not a post about "The Hunger Games"..... but something more exciting and riveting. My 2012 fantasy baseball team.


Mike Napoli (C)
Albert Pujols (1st)
Brandon Phillips (2nd)
Emilio Bonifacio (3rd)
Jimmy Rollins (SS)
Eric Hosmer (Util)
Eric Aybar (Util)
Andrew McCutchen (OF)
Ben Revere (OF)
Mark Trumbo (OF)
Melky Cabrera (OF)
Josh Willingham (OF)
Raul Ibanez (OF)

Neil Walker
Jhonny Peralta
Daniel Murphy


Roy Halladay
Tim Lincecum
Ian Kennedy
James Shields
Jair Jurrjeans
Joel Hanrahan
Jose Valverde
Jordan Walden
Drew Storen


weepingsam said...

Yep, I know baseball season is about to start, because I've had my first season ending injury - Joakim Soria! I have a way with closers...

Joe Baker said...

You know, Sam... I've been down in the dumps about baseball all winter with the rangers ripping my guts out last fall. But then I watch my first full spring training game last week on TV and my heart is racing for the season to start again. Then this fantasy draft. Nothing better than baeball....