Monday, July 19, 2010

If I Programmed A Film Festival

Day 1:

The Last Run (1971)- **** Euro Crime Pic Selection- Part 1 of a selection of grossly overlooked 60’s and 70’s Euro crime pics… starring George C Scott and written about here.

One Deadly Summer (1983)- Part 1 of that lovely genre known as sexy-young-French-girl-revenge-drama with a stunningly beautiful Isabella Adjani on the sexual warpath to make up for past transgressions.

The Addiction (1994)- **** Double Feature Post Modern Vampires- The vampire genre given an introspective and almost poetic spin by bad-boy auteur Abel Ferrera and sadly hard to find anywhere.

Rabid Dogs (1971)- **** Euro Crime Pic Selection- Hugely entertaining Mario Bava tale of a kidnapped couple by criminals on the run. Sweaty, nasty and with one chilling ending.

Smile (1975)- Brilliant Michael Ritchie flick about, of all things, a beauty pageant. In all its skewed humor, it rivals “Nashville” for its mood and precise view of early 70’s California.

The Fixer (1968)- An exercise in punishment of a Jewish man during the early days of Czarist Russia, creatively brought to life by John Frankenheimer. Should play well with another persecution film on this bill.

Go, Go Second Time Virgin (1969)- As the closing film of day 1, if people are having a hard time staying awake, then this perverse obscurity from Koji Wakamatsu will certainly keep everyone awake.

Day 2:

A Real Young Girl (1976)- Second entry in the French revenge drama category, helmed to suffocating tension by Catherine Breillat.

Breaking In (1989)- Something to brighten the mood a bit, and this late 80’s Bill Forsyth comedy about an aging burglar (Burt Reynolds) who takes on an apprentice (Casey Siemasko!) is right on the money. See it for the watchdog scene alone.

Daybreakers (2010)- **** Double Feature Post Modern Vampires- Neat little film with an interesting take on a well tread genre. It’s not the best movie of 2010, but its certainly one of the most gory and the one where I’ve had the most fun.

Grand Slam (1967)- **** Euro Crime Pic Selection- This one with an all star cast all vying for the heart (and bank key) of sexy Viven Leigh as an uptight bank manager. Feels like a Jules Dassin film, expertly paced and wholly involving.

The Messenger (1999)- I’ll never understand the bile for this Luc Besson film. Milla Jovovich suffers like the best of ‘em and the opening battle sequences are sweeping. One of the year’s best in a very crowded ‘99 and along with “The Fixer”, it makes one pine for maximum security prisons today.

Le Cercle Rouge (1970)- **** Euro Crime Pick Selection- There are a lot of Jean Pierre Melville, masterpieces, but this color entry in his silent, tough guy criminal exercise is especially good.

Greaser’s Palace (1969)- Nothing quite like this Robert Downey oddity to send everyone off on a high note. I’m not much of a fan, but its impossible to watch this film without your jaw dropping to the floor.

p.s. donations and a movie theater are now being accepted to help me begin my own film festivals…..

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