Friday, June 04, 2010

What's In the Netflix Queue #28

1. The Exiles- Rescued from obscurity thanks to its clips used as part of Thom Anderson's wonderful documentary "Los Angeles Plays Itself", Kent Mackenzie's 1961 film details a slice of life in the Bunker Hill section for a family of Native Americans.
2. Lake Tahoe- I really admire the Film Movement label. Not everything I've seen is terrific, but their micro-budget predilections and sometimes challenging subject matter are a cut above other indie production companies. "Lake Tahoe" is described as an odd journey for a youth after a violent car accident.
3. 35 Shots of Rhum- Claire Denis' latest received a lot of buzz last year. Her work is hit or miss with me, but always worth seeking out.
4. Harvard Beats Yale 29-29- Documentary about a 1968 football game between... well Harvard and Yale. I love odd little sports commentaries like this.
5. The Big Sleep- 70's remake of the classic Humphrey Bogart noir starring an equally iconic actor, Robert Mitchum, and helmed by authentic 70's workmanlike director Michael Winner. I'm sure I've caught this on cable before, but it's due for another view.
6. Silent Movie- One of the only Mel Brooks comedies I've yet to see.
7. Coup de Grace- Netflix descrption: "A young Russian woman (Magarethe von Trotta) becomes involved with a sexually repressed Prussian soldier. When the soldier refuses her, she spirals into a psychosexual depression and begins sleeping with numerous men while championing the cause of Bolshevik revolutionaries in the days immediately following the fall of the Czar." Directed by Volker Schlondorff.
8. Eyes of a Stranger- Cheap sounding thriller.... no other excuse than that. Oh, and it features a young Jennifer Jason Leigh!
9. The Betrayal- A slew of documentaries on the horizon, for some reason, but this Oscar nominated film by cinematographer Ellen Kuras charts the nasty business of war in Veitnam.
10. Underworld USA- A second viewing of the great Sam Fuller crime thriller recently released on DVD.

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Neil Sarver said...

I'm not at all a fan of the Mitchum The Big Sleep, which is too bad, because it follows up Farewell, My Lovely, which is pretty solid all around.