Monday, August 25, 2008

Shared Memories

Out of 436 photos taken with my trusty Sony Cybershot, I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

The original recording studio in Memphis (Sun studios) where everyone from Elvis Presley to U2 recorded songs. The tour starts upstairs where you're given a talking head spiel about the history of the studio with glass museum-like cases. 55 people were crammed tight into this small space, jockeying for photos and digital recordings. I noticed a small stairway at the back of the room and stood next to it, not wanting to get entangled with the crowd. The tour then takes its next step and goes downstairs into the actual recording studio, in which I was the first one into due top my (sharp!) observations. Four of five photos of uninterrupted snaps were taken and I felt a small victory as the rest of the losers stumbled downstairs.

The grave of Edgar Allen Poe tucked quietly inside a downtown Baltimore graveyard. Eerie and beautiful at the same time.

Babe Ruth's birth house and museum in downtown Baltimore. There's another picture of the original sale of receipt for Ruth from the Red Sox to Yankees that would melt a few Red Sox fans around here.

The awe-inspiring Camden Yards.

Overlooking Gettysburg. We walked for what seemed like miles around the battlefields, snapping random photos of everything. If you want a real sense of history, this is the place for you.

Part of the Vietnam wall memorial. A very moving experience.

The Capitol building. After seeing it up close, it is one of the most gorgeous looking buildings I can imagine. Movies and TV (of course) don't do the intricacies of the architecture justice.

JFK's gravesite.

And who is this guy throwing up the ubiquitious peace symbol on the steps of the Lincoln memorial? That's me... worn out and suffering from blisters on my feet for walking for 4 straight days. Highly enjoyable, though. I'll take the blisters in exchange for the sights and sounds my family and I experienced. And I decided I definitely want to retire in the area when the time comes. Driving through the small Pennsylvania town of Emmittsburg (where a majority of my dad's family was from) I made the decision. Beautiful country, temperatures in the lower 70's in late August- which I'm sure is just a fluke, but it still sold me- and laid back lifestyle. Who could ask for me. Nothing to do except enjoy life and write the great American novel.


TALKING MOVIEzzz said...

Did you do this all in one trip??? Very impressive. Great photos.

And yes, Gettysburg is an amazing place.

Joe Baker said...

Yep. Nine days worth. Spent weekend in Memphis, arrived in DC on Monday and got settled, spent all day Tuesday in Baltimore, all day Wednesday in Pennsylvania and then Thursday and Friday back in DC. Had a hearty breakfast Saturday morning and drove straight back to Dallas in 21 hours. Exhausting, but worthwhile.

Fletch said...

Very nice pics. Many remind me of a trip out East I was on as a kid. It's like "Yep, went there," "yeah, saw that."

Didn't see the Elvis studio in Memphis, but I did see the ducks at the Peabody...

Joe Baker said...

Yep, skipped the ducks, although we did lounge in the courtyard listening to a pretty damn good blues band across from the Peabody.