Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blogathon Note and Links

Over at Cinexcellence, they're asking for participation in the 'Unseen Blogathon'. The idea is that you check out a DVD on a whim. This can be one you buy at the store, rent online or steal from your girlfriend's roommate as one commenter stated.... but it's gotta be one that you wouldn't normally watch. For me that means no police procedural films or 70's exploitation. I guess that leaves a Meryl Streep comedy or something? Once you watch the film, a review is necessary. This could be interesting. It goes on through late August so have fun.

Also, its not a blogathon, but one helluva brave idea- and yet another example of the interactive and fun community of blogging. Caitlin at 1416 and Counting opened up her comment section and asked for suggestions of films. She would then Netflix them, watch every one of the suggestions and review them. Of course, I had to throw out two Michael Winterbottom films, "Wonderland" and "The Claim". She's a trooper alright, fearlessly accepting each suggestion and duly shooting them into her queue. That crazy bastard Piper already suggested "Meet the Feebles". What's the matter Piper, you couldn't wait for "Salo" to be released! But it's all in good fun. If only I were more inclined, I'd try something fun like that, but you know.. I'm a miserable curmudgeon.

And finally, the LAMB association continues to grow. Nice job, Fletch!


Fletch said...

I've only seen two of Winterbottom's films, but I enjoyed one (A Mighty Heart) and love and own the other (Code 46). I take it you'd suggest the two you mentioned next? The Claim is the one with Wes Bentley if I recall, yes?

Thanks for the shout, too! Yes, the LAMB doth grow.

PIPER said...

I actually have a bootleg of Meet The Feebles but I can't bring myself to watch it.

I suggested it in the White Elephant Blog-a-Thon a couple years back but no one reviewed. Damn if I'm not going to get that thing reviewed. Of course Caitlin probably won't ever have anything to do with me after she sees it.