Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What's In the Netflix Queue #2

Excluding recently mailed, here's the next 10 titles in my Netflix queue:

1. Suzhou River- I'm working on writing a piece of director You Le. Seen this one before and loved it.
2. My Left Eye Sees Ghosts
3. Running on Karma- Number 2 and 3.... yes still working my way through the films of Johhny To. When this guy breaks out in mainstream success this year after audiences get a chance to see "Election", "Election 2" and "Exiled", remember where you read about him first!
4. Damnation- Bela Tarr flick... his previous ones have put me to sleep, but I still want to give him a chance.
5. Le Samourai- Melville... read my recent post on this fabulous director.
6. Blackmail is My Life- Here starts my investigation into the film ouevre of Kenji Fukasaku. I've only seen "Battle Royale" a few years back and was blown away by its attitude and energy. I'm thinking I'll like what I see from this guy, and it helps to have about 20 or so titles available on DVD.
7. Yakuza Papers disc 1
8. Yakuza Papers disc 2
9. Yakuza Papers disc 3- More Fukasaku, this is a TV series produced in the early 70's.
10. The Wire season 2 disc 1- From Fukasaku in the early 70's to today, TV still seems to be a highly energetic arena of creativity. Season 1 was awesome and intelligent, and while I've read season 2 strays from the Baltimore drug trade storyline, this show's still regarded as a detailed and poignant look at a myriad of issues.

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