Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Top 5 List: More Songs That Should Be Used In a Movie

5. Smog: Teenage Spaceship

Probably my very favorite Bill Callahan song... subdued, heartbreaking and perfect for one of those long take scenes as someone peers longingly out a window or set to a montage of images. And if I see this scene in a film over the next year, I'm yelling concept copyright infringment.

4. Radiohead: Kinectic

Known for the stingy use of their music in popular art (except, seemingly, for Baz Luhrman and his "Romeo and Juliet" experiment in the mid 90's), this B-side Radiohead track from their "Amnesiac" years is hypnotic to say the least and would fit right in with one of those grungy British kitchen-sink films or maybe a David Lynch epic?

3. The Appleseed Cast- Sunlit Ascending

This relatively unknown (but great) Kansas band deserves bigger success, and what bigger way than tacking this song at the end of a movie where the main character talks directly into the camera about his major emotional breakthrough, cutting to black and this song interrupts.....

2. Beck- Guess I'm Doing Fine

Words don't work in describing this song. Use your imagination for where this song belongs.

1. Radiohead: Last Flowers

Again, so much of their music elicits strong emotions, and "Last Flowers", off their b-sides release to "In Rainbows", would fit nicely into numerous works of art where the lulling piano and Thom Yorke's strained voice add considerable depth to the image.

And a bonus video... for a song that HAS been featured prominently in a movie ("In Between Days") and still stands as one of my faves.

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