Saturday, September 01, 2007

What's In the Netflix Queue #9

Here are a few more titles in the queue. It feels like it took me forever to shuffle through the previous ten. And fyi.. I have a few ideas in the works for future posts. Not only will I continue hot and heavy with HD-DVD reviews, but I'm anxious to get back to some director appreciation posts. So, after reading this story about the intent to re-visualize Bad Lieutenant as well as Ferrera's minor success at this years Cannes fest with his latest film, it got me re-thinking about how much I've always loved his work. Ferrera is a filmmaker who divides audiences, and his films have routinely popped up on my favorites lists each year (even the much maligned and seemingly forgotten "Dangerous Game" with Madonna in 1994.... a searing experience that deserves yet another view). So, not just 1 post, but I intend on writing a three part series on his career later this month. Enough self promotion. Here's what slated to be in my mailbox soon.

1. Like It Never Was Before- I just saw Susanne Bier's "After the Wedding" and found it to be an extremely moving film, one of my favs of the year so far. With that one and "Things We Lost In the Fire, due up later this fall, she's on track to have a stellar year. "Like It Never Was Before" is one of her early films. If you've seen her work, its hard to expect anything but an honest examination of wayward relationships and deep seated emotions.
2. Crime Story Season 1 (5 discs)-Michael Mann produced mid-80's cop series that I've never seen. Bonus points that Abel Ferrera directs several episodes.
3. 12 Monkeys (HD DVD)-I can only say I've seen this once, several years ago, but remember flipping for it. I'm trying to pick out assorted HD DVD films that I've only seen once or twice.
4. Zhmurki- Russian gangster film from acclaimed director Aleksei Balbanov ("Brother" and "Of Freaks and Men").
5. Out of Sight HD DVD- Ok. So I know I just said I'm trying to rent HD DVD titles I've only seen once or twice, but I've seen "Out of Sight" countless times and can't wait to see Jennifer Lopez sparkle in hi-def glory. Confession accepted?
6. Fall Guy- Yet another insanely kinetic gangster film from Kenji Fukasaku.
7. Heading South- French director Laurent Cantent turned all kinds of critical heads with his first two films, "Human Resources" and "Time Out". Then last year he released this film about 3 women who go on a trip and lust over a younger man. Is it bad or was it just met with indifference?
8. Wrong Move- Being a huge Wim Wenders fan, I jumped when I saw this available on DVD. I assume its part of the recent box set that was released. I may have seen an old VHS copy of this years ago, but honestly cannot remember a single frame so its worth re-visiting.
9. Tokyo Trash Baby- Still working my through the available titles of Japanese filmmaker Ryuichi Hiroki ("Vibrator"), this one is next. Sounds intriguing (in that nasty Japanese sorta way): Instead of acting on her feelings for the scruffy musician (Kazuma Suzuki) who lives next door, Miyuki (Mami Nakamura), a shy and lonely Tokyo waitress, settles for sifting through his trash, in hopes that she can get to know him better by the things he throws away. Like "Vibrator", Hiroki seems fascinated by the disconnections of couples in modern day Japan.
10. True Confessions- Ulu Grosbard's attempt to reconfigure the Black Dahlia story got tremendously positive word-of-mouth when it was newly released to DVD earlier this year. I have no excuse for never seeing it. Quasi film noir, Robert DeNiro, Catholicism... I'm there.


TALKING MOVIEzzz said...
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Joe Baker said...

Moviezzz, you're right. The TV makes a huge difference. I purchased a 62" Samsung DLP almost 2 years ago and without that, I doubt I would've had the urge to convert to HD.