Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What's In the Netflix Queue #3

Gee, it feels like it's taken 3 weeks to get through 10 films in my Netflix queue. Maybe that's because its actually taken 3 weeks to get through 10 films in my Netflix queue. But it's not without warrant. I had the opportunity to spend 3 days last week in the cold, blustery city of Minneapolis (and I loved it!). Not only did I get to see more snow in the 3 days I was there then in all 30 years of my Texan life, but I spent a good hour on the light rail train exposing myself to all the beautiful and ugly portions of the city. And like Kim Morgan and her melancholy musings about her experience on a train, my journey doesn't compare to her cross-country trip, but I certainly feel her affinity for the experiences one can discover on a moving train.

So here's what will finally make it my humble abode:

1. The Wire Season 2 disc 2- So begins season 2 of one of my new favorite shows on TV.
2. Graveyard of Honor- More Fukasaka.... if you love balls-out yakuza films, check out his 5 disc "Yakuza Papers" series. I'm hoping this lurid title carries on with his Japanese excess.
3. The Seven Ups- 70's Roy Scheider cop flick.
4. Murder Inc.- Classic mobster film from the 60's. I've caught pieces on TCM before, but never the whole thing.
5. Emperor of the North- Long lost Robert Aldrich that finally made it's way to DVD earlier this year. Now if they'll just release "Ulzana's Raid", we'll be a little closer to appreciating the grittiness that's inherent in all of Aldrich's films.
6. Under the Flag of the Rising Sun- I'e heard great things about Fukasaka's anti-war film.
7. The Wire Season 2 disc 3
8. Forty Shades of Blue- I know Sam at the Listening Ear blog thought highly of this Ira Sachs indie release last year. I didn't care for "The Delta" (Sachs' previous film) but I'm up giving this one a shot.
9. Too Late the Hero- Aldrich directing Micahel Caine about a group of British troops trying to disable a Japanese transmittor tower. I'm there.
10. The Wire Season 2 disc 4


weepingsam said...

Did I love 40 Shades of Blue? I imagine so - Rip Torn is always great... yes, good film. Of course I also loved the Delta - I don't know what you didn't like about it, depending what it was - this one might well win you over.

Joe Baker said...

And you know, Sam, I don't remember what I didn't like about "The Delta" either. That was released, what, almost 10 years ago and it just didn't make an impression on me. I imagine if Sachs' latest strikes a nerve, I'll venture back and give "The Delta" another shot. That's commonly what I do. Perception, time and age certainly help one get a better perspective on things!