Tuesday, December 05, 2006

INLAND EMPIRE official trailer

The true stuff of nightmares. I can't remember the last time I was this excited about a Lynch film.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I am as excited. There is a story in the new Entertainment Weekly about it. Apparently, he just threw a bunch of unrelated footage together that he had been shooting for the past few years. At 3 hours, a lot of the reviews haven't been the greatest. Plus, with him self distributing it, will anyone outside of the big cities get a chance to see it?

I'm curious about it, but not being the biggest Lynch fan, can't say I am camping out for tickets.

Joe Baker said...

You're correct about the film being pieced together over the last few years. Drew (Moriarity) over at Aint It Cool News related an interesting story about a month ago. Apparently, around 2001 or so, Drew had a friend who worked with Lynch and they wanted to use Drew's apartment to shoot a small movie. The next day, Lynch, some foreign actress and a small crew showed up, shot half the day in his apartment and left. Bits and pieces of that footage has found its way into "Inland Empire". Strange but interesting. I'd read that he did find a distributor (albeit a small one) and yes, looks like it may only play large cities. Since Dallas usually is one of the 7 or so markets that gets to book certain films, I'm hoping it makes it here. The reviews I'v read (on Aint It Cool and a small batch from Green Cine) seem to be in the positive to masterpiece realm.

Anonymous said...

Opens tomorrow, baby! In at least one theater - probably at most one theater. Still... It's certainly an intriguing project. I suspect it will generate a wide range of responses (euphemism for mad hyperbole pro and con) when people start seeing it.