Saturday, March 14, 2009

What's In the Netflix Queue #22

Just like an Ipod shuffle....

1. The Apartment- Mid 90's French thriller starring Vincent Cassell and Monica Belluci (yum). Not sure why this title is left in the queue, but I went through a French thriller phase a couple months ago and just forgot about this one.
2. Alexandra's Project- I'm not a fan of the films I've seen from Australian director Rolf de Heer ("Bad Boy Bubby" is truly horrendous), but this one sounds like an interesting piece of aggressive cinema ala Michael Haneke: "Steve (Gary Sweet) arrives home from work anxious to celebrate his birthday with his wife, Alexandra (Helen Buday), and their children. But no body's home, and it isn't a surprise party, or is it? Steve inserts a videotape titled "Play Me" into the VCR and is greeted by birthday wishes from Alexandra and the kids, and then treated to a striptease by his wife. But as the camera pulls back, Steve sees a gun pointed at Alexandra's head."
3. Bad Dreams- 80's horror movie. This is one that was recommended from a friend. Sounds like gory, cheesy fun.
4. $ (Dollars)- 70's comedy caper released on DVD for the first time late last year. Goldie Hawn and Warren Beatty... directed by Richard Brooks. I can remember seeing the VHS cover over and over as a kid.
5. The Ninth Configuration- A title that popped up as a recommendation for me on Netflix. I think I started this long ago and didn't finish it. Regardless, the plot synopsis sounds intriguing and it's directed by William Peter Blatty who's always good for a mind-screw.
6. Zero Focus- Early 60's Japanese obscura from director Yoshitaro Nomura (writer of "Sword of Fury"). The film tells the tale of a woman whose secret causes "disastrous consequences" for those around her. Based on some of the titles in Nomura's oeuvre (such as "Villages of Eight Gravestones" and "The Demon") I look forward to this psychological thriller and introducing myself to his work.
7. Gold Told Me To- "B" movie horror from Larry Cohen about murderous rampages from ordinary citizens who say "Gold told me to" upon their dying confession. I admit, I'm not the most up-to-date on Cohen's films besides "The Stuff" which scarred me as a kid.
8. My Name Is Bruce- Recent Bruce Campbell comedy that has received middling reviews. As an unabashed fan of Campbell and his unique acting delivery, I can't pass this one up. I'm going in with little expectations though.
9. Moscow Elegy- And here begins my look at the films of Russian director Alexandre Sokurov. I've seen "Mother and Son" and "Russian Ark" and wasn't bowled over, yet there's recently been a huge slew of his documentaries released onto DVD by the unique Facets company. This one is a documentary on Tarkovsky. If anyone has any thoughts on other Sokurov films, I'd love to hear them.
10. Six In Paris- Another one of those chic omnibus films pairing the cinematic visions of Rohmer, Godard and others. Released in the mid-60's, I stumbled across this title while looking at something else. If this was recently released, why not more fuss? Or is it that bad?


Moviezzz said...
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Joseph said...

I've been eying My Name is Bruce at the RedBox for a while now. Some weekend... :)