Friday, March 27, 2009

French New Wave Blogathon! Calling All Blogathon Entries!

Jump cuts. Sultry black and white cinemetography. Cool cigarettes dangling from lips. Pretty women who speak of Sarte and Voltaire.

What more could anyone want in French cinema? 50 years ago (and anyone can argue a year or two) Claude Chabrol, Francious Truffaut and Jean Luc Godard burst onto the scene with electric bolts of cinema like "Le Beau Serge", "The 400 Blows" and "Breathless". The London BFI is celebrating the movement with a host of films throughout April.

Therefore, I hereby declare the French New Wave blogathon officially open April 9-12th (yes, Easter weekend). Any and all posts are welcome. Reviews, screengrabs, posters, thoughts, memories.... it's wide open. Simply e-mail your links or leave me a comment and I'll be adding all weekend. Spread the word. I look forward to everyone's participation.

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