Thursday, May 03, 2012

What's In the Netflix Queue #35

1. The Son of No One (2011)- I'm a big Dito Montiel fan, but the talk about this Al Pacino-Channing Tatum drama has been middling. After his "A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints" from a few years back, I'll give director Montiel the benefit of the doubt every time.
2. Burnt By the Sun (1994)- This film has been out there for ages, received some major recognition during the early 90's and won an Oscar as best foreign picture, but I've never seen it. The recent Film Comment article on Alexei German has my wet my appetite for Russian cinema I've missed- which is alot.
3. Fear and Trembling (2003)- My look into the films of Alain Corneau continues with this film. "In search of a new beginning, Amélie (Sylvie Testud) moves from Belgium back to her early-childhood home of Japan, where she starts working full time for a large corporation. But life as a foreigner proves difficult to navigate -- and Eastern office etiquette is nothing like what she's used to. French director Alain Corneau helms this Tokyo-based dramedy adapted from the autobiographical novel by Amélie Nothomb." From Netflix description.
4. Around A Small Mountain (2009)- One of the very few Rivette films actually available on DVD, this recent release from him charts the romance between a man (the always wonderful Sergio Castellitto) and a circus owner (Jane Birkin).
5. The Hills Run Red (1966)- Quasi spaghetti western starring Henry Silva and Dan Duryea as soldiers caught up in a heist. The director, Carlo Lizzani, is an extremely prolific and underrated creater of some terrific 70's Italian cinema.
6. The Image (1975)- Apologies that I don't remember where, but several blogs I've been reading lately have posted about director Radley Metzger and his sexploitation canon. This will be my introduction to his work. Fingers crossed!
7. War Horse (2011)- Yea, missed this one last year. I hope it doesn't reek of the sappiness I gleaned from its trailer.
8. Dark Waters (1993)- I go through phases of genre watching, and last October I added a ton of French horror flicks to the list, and with the constant re-arranging and shuffling of titles, this one got missed. Plot is as follows: "After her father's death, Elizabeth (Louise Salter) visits a desolate island to discover why he left his money to a secretive order of nuns. Though the foreboding Mother Superior (Mariya Kapnist) tries to send her away, Elizabeth soon discovers that the convent is actually a prison, built to confine a terrible aquatic demon that can be controlled only if the shattered pieces of an ancient stone amulet are kept apart."
9. Fear Me Not (2007)- Danish thriller about a man (Ulrich Thomson0 struggling with the after effects of an experimental drug. Director Kristin Levring comes from the vonTrier dogma school of filmmaking (does anyone even remember this now, besides us movie board affecianados who argued about this style from 1998-2001??).
10. Solaris (1972)- Re watch of the Tarkovsy classic.

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