Friday, January 09, 2015

The Current Cinema 14.12

Wrapping up a few year end releases, things will look a little differently here in 2015. Select films will be featured on Dallas Film Now, a growing site run by Peter Martin, editor of the versatile TwitchFilm site. Peter has graciously accepted me as a contributor there. Surveying the cinematic landscape in the Dallas Fort Worth area will be an exciting challenge as we look at new releases and repertory screenings within the area.

This blog has been my home for a decade now, and, although a few films will now feature links to the new site, I still intend to maintain this blog as a lively and honest depiction of my cinematic exploration for years to come. Thanks to everyone for reading and here's to a productive 2015!

"American Sniper", reviewed here

"Inherent Vice", reviewed here. I really, really liked it. Haunted me for a week now. Not everyone's cup of tea, though.

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