Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Still Can't Believe My Eyes

AL West Standings
1. Texas 30 19 .612 0 Won 3
2. Los Angeles 24 24 .500 5.5 Lost 2
3. Seattle 24 26 .480 6.5 Won 3
4. Oakland 18 29 .382 11 Lost 4

Tough loss today against Oakland, yet the Rangers still took 3 out of 4. Winning series in baseball is what matters. But the best record in the AL? The huge dividends the entire pitching staff is showing? The sparkling defense (led by a young, exciting shortstop rookie that will become, in 2-3 years, the face of this franchise I'm sure)? Yep, all these things are contributing. I don't know if it'll last- some of the rickety leanings of the starting rotation are beginning to surface-but damn it's fun watching this team play some great baseball right now. And the talk here right now is that, possibly, the upcoming road trip to the dreaded East Coast against Yankees/Red Sox will be a defining moment in this early year for the Rangers. They continue to get little plugs in the national media here and there, but their underwhelming performance against the Yankees here in Texas last week was not good attention.... now its time to go that wiffle ball park... err new Yankee stadium... and see if the allure the Yanks hold over this team is over. Then Fenway. Then back here and a scrappy Blue Jay team. We'll see. Fingers crossed. Knocking on wood. I think this may be the year Playoff baseball returns to my fair burg and jeez everyone is pumped about this team.


Chris Allen Gaubatz said...

Those snooty Yanks still got their number...if they do get to the postseason, let's all pray NYY are not there to greet them.

weepingsam said...

The Yankees are kind of Rangers east, with A-Rod and Texeira and that new ball park... Anyway, I certainly hope the Rangers keep it together and the yankees don't... sooner or later they had to get a little luck with their pitchers - a guy like McCarthy showed enough early in his career, you had to figure he'd put it together sooner or later... the bullpen looks pretty good, at least from the numbers...