Thursday, June 05, 2008

What's In the Netflix Queue #17

It's been a busy week and blogging has, sadly, taken a backseat. We're hoping to change that now. Next 10 titles in my queue:

1. Whoever Says the Truth Shall Die- With the release of several Pasolini films to DVD, I'll be catching up with his work. This documentary, released in 1981 six years after Pasolini's murder, is as good as anywhere to start.
2. Don't Look In the Basement- What list of mine would be complete without a crummy exploitation horror film? This one, directed by 'Z lister' SF Brownrigg (of several "Don't Look..." films in the 70's) deals with inmates of an insane asylum taking control. Worth a look.
3. Lights In the Dusk- Latest film from Finnish auteur Aki Kaurismaki. I've never really been of fan of Kaurismaki's deadpan, sarcastic comedies and this one has been referred to as the Kaurismaki film for introducing oneself to his work.
4. Muriel- Recently released Alain Resnais film. Netflix describes it as "A war veteran and his widowed stepmother struggle to come to terms with the past in Alain Resnais's drama about the persistence of memory. The story follows ex-soldier Bernard (Jean-Baptiste Thiérrée), who relives a horrible atrocity he committed during the war, and his stepmother, Helene (Delphine Seyrig), who can't let go of her former lover (Jean-Pierre Kérien). Nita Klein, Claude Sainval and Laurence Badie also star." From his mid 60's work after international acclaim from films such as "Night and Fog", "Hiroshima, Mon Amour" and "Last Year At Marienbad".
5. Accatone- Pasolini's debut film.
6. The Swimming Pool- Flick starring Alain Delon from the 70's recently released in a five pack series of his harder to find efforts.
7. Lost In La Mancha- Documentary about the colossal failure of Terry Gilliam to bring to the screen a story of Don Quixote.
8. And Soon the Darkness- I know nothing about this film except the Netflix description: "Two British girls on a bicycling vacation in France quarrel and separate. Jane, feels guilty about leaving and decides to return to the infamous stretch of road where she left her friend. She finds her friend is missing and, as time passes and there is no trace of her, Jane imagines the worst. Atmospheric, suspenseful, and shocking. A gripping thriller." It was recommended based on my high ratings for "thrillers" and the people reviews on the site are pretty glowing.
9. Anzio- Edward Dymytryk's late 60's war film starring Robert Mitchum about an Allied attack in Italy. It could be total crap, but my experience with these off-the-radar war films of the 60's has been impressive.
10. Violent City- I think I've seen this long hidden Bronson film. Aint It Cool News raved about it, and while they rave about everything, I'm a sucker for any Bronson flick.

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