Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sports Spectacular

Even though the month of June is typically unbearably hot here in Texas, I love it for its array of sports. The Rangers are playing solid ball right now (scratching their way to .500, popping a game over, then under, then back over) and the ride has been fun. Not to mention, Josh Hamilton is becoming a modern day folk hero in these parts, rookie David Murphy is earning ALOT more jerseys at the ballpark and Michael Young/Ian Kinsler and hot tempered Milton Bradley are all adding their two cents to the Rangers offensive strikes. It's really fun to watch this team come together after a horrible April. Boston Red Sox, here we come! Or maybe I should direct that towards the Chicago Cubs who look like the real deal right now. But none of that matters if the Angels don't slow down, either.

And from baseball, we switch to the US Open at Torrey Pines... a course yielding unique first day results (Steelerman? Hicks? In the words of "Tin Cup", who are these guys?) As a lover and player of golf, nothing is more exciting than watching the world's best players stumble and scramble and hack their way out of 7 inch rough. Makes me feel a little better when I stumble and scramble and hack my way around a golf course. And all of this in Primetime for the first time in years. It's going to be a great weekend. I hear there's something big happening in the NBA as well, but since I despise the sport, I'm hoping the Celtics close the door over the next 2 games so we can all move on and be relieved of having to hear Stepehn A. Smith each night on Sportscenter.

So, I'll be driving home to spend Father's Day with the family. Expect light posts around here the next couple of weeks. I'll be traveling to Los Angeles for the first time next week as well to spend 3 days with friends and soak up Hollywood. Dodgers game Friday night, sight seeing the other days. Lots of pictures should follow.


weepingsam said...

The hitting has certainly been there - though I notice the Rangers hold their customary place of honor on the ERA chart - Dead Last! The Cubs and Red Sox, for instance, come in 2 and 3 in runs scored, and much higher on the pitching side, which explains a good deal. (The Angels, though - have the same ERA as the Red Sox, basically, and have scored 100 runs fewer - what the heck? You might actually have more chance out there than you think.) If you ever get any pitching, though, you might be in it - the nice young bullpen looks like a start, but when Sidney Ponson and Vincente Padialla are your best starters, you probably don't have to worry about making plans for October...

Chris Allen Gaubatz said...

Amen on Stephen A. Smith. What an annoying character. Is there any reason to scream and use such an angry tone when commentating on sports? It never changes. The Rangers will lead the league in runs scored, and top five in runs against. That never changes either. This whole thing.

Joseph B. said...


ERA is terrible, but yet they're first in runs scored in the A.L. Go figure! I feel comfortable with spotting any team 4-5runs with the offense. It's just spotting a team 8 runs with the pitching and bullpen that always worries me. Still, they're in a better position than in many years, and that's encourgaing. Maybe 1 or 2 nice trades at the deadline can help resolve this.

Chris, yep... agreed. It's Stephen's holier-than-thou attitude I hate. He acts like he's the supreme commentator on all things basketball in his militant way. Bad combination for me.