Sunday, January 16, 2011

Links and Nonsense

First up, some high-res movie stills I came across. I have to admit they don't look so grand here in this form, but if you save them to your desktop and use them as background, they really pop with color.

Secondly, some points of interest.

The blog Rupert Pupkin Speaks is a great site for all things old and new, especially his weekly tip of the hat to new releases available on Netflix's Instant View program. They also include some snappy movie posters for select films mentioned.

Furious Cinema is another site I've been directed to lately. Not only does it have Quentin Tarantino's stamp of approval, but the entries range across the map from grindhouse stuff to soundtracks to just good old fashioned edgy films.

Blogger and online acquaintance Bob at Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind lists his eclectic ten best.

So, all of this to say I really have nothing new to say lately. I need to catch a couple more films before I feel comfortable stopping at the 142 film mark this year and create my own favorites of the year. But no worries, my almost decade old tradition of the Moments of the Year will resume shorty, so everyone can stop holding their breath.

1 comment:

Bob Turnbull said...

Thanks for the link good sir!

Looking forward to your Moments of The Year list - always love these. I keep meaning to do one, but by the end of the year, I've forgotten most of the individual moments...

I think I may actually try to keep track of them this year - both for 2011 films as well as older ones.

Of course, there's the likelihood this will turn out just as well as any other resolution, but we'll give it a go.