Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fantasy Baseball and all that

As I've said before, ESPN's 30 For 30 series is better than 90% of the films I've seen since the ambitious series began back in November of last year. Last night's episode focused on a silly little game called fantasy baseball and its (obsessive) humble beginnings in 1980 by a group of fervent baseball fanatics. While I can honestly say I've only jumped into the fray of the fantasy leagues a year ago, as a kid (also obsessed by baseball, both playing it and watching it), this type of interaction with a sport I dearly love is beyond words. I can remember spending endless hours playing old baseball board games as well as inventing my own: placing my baseball cards on the ground with the players in their respective positions and rolling dice for results. One was a single,two double, three triple, four out, five strikeout and 6 homerun, calculating the stats on pieces of paper over a month long period. Oh, if only these kids today could get off their cell phones.....

So I find myself in a very enjoyable league this season with some dear friends and some complete strangers, but it's just as time-consuming and possessive as "Silly Little Game" purports it to be. I log in 5-6 times a night to study the stat lines. I watch Baseball Tonight (after a Rangers loss, I'm sure) and closely watch for 'my guys' and their results. Really, what other reason would I have to care about how the Milwaukee Brewers do on a Tuesday night? Bottom line... its a helluva lotta fun. And depressing. I was in a solid fourth when I went to bed last night, and find myself eight out of ten tonight. A 3 point slide can do that type of destruction. As I type this post right now, listening to the Rangers/Red Sox in the background, I've checked my stats twice! But, if that's all I have to lament about, then I suppose I should be a very happy guy.

My Fantasy team in all its 2010 splendor:

Ivan Rodriguez- as a fan of Carlton Fisk since I was 10, I refuse to use the "Pudge" moniker! A week into the season, I dropped Geovany Soto and picked up Rodriguez. A great choice, as he currently leads the NL in batting average.

Ryan Howard

Dan Uggla

Ian Stewart- hopefully a small hidden homerun secret that will help me this year. Playing in Colorado helps too.

Erick Aybar

Jose Lopez

Adam LaRoche- really hurting me so far... under performing due to injury.

Jayson Werth

Shane Victorino

Jason Kubel- damn that new Target field looks nice. Maybe if work takes me back up there eventually, I can score tickets.

Jason Heyward- a steal on my part, if I may be so humble. My jaw dropped open when I drafted him for my last pick, stunned he was still there.

David Ortiz- had him on the bench since game 3. Big Papi looks to have lost it.

Carlos Gomez

Rickie Weeks

BJ Upton- steals mean so much in fantasy baseball

Jason Bay- man, he's gotta get thing going. I snapped him with one of my first picks, thinking a hot NY deal will energize him.... plus the low left field in Mets stadium when he was bashing homers over the Green Monster last year? Still early though...


Jon Lackey
Naftali Feliz- if only he'd get a chance over Frank Choke-sisco right now.
Mariano Rivera
Jake Peavy
James Shields
Octavio Dotel
Edwin Jackson
Darren O Day
Barry Zito

my WHIP is giving me great results. If you don't know WHIP, then this whole post probably made your eyes glaze over.

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weepingsam said...

Oh, nuts - I never did get back to you on this draft, did I? That's what moving does... And yeah, you should be stunned to get Heyward on your last pick - he went in the 9th round of my keeper league, right between Kubel and Alfonzo Soriano, 2 picks ahead of me - and I probably would have snagged him there... of course in a keeper league guys like that are gold.