Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's In the Netflix Queue #27

1. Night of the Creeps- 80's cult horror film that has a HUGE following, as evident by the Blu Ray's "very long wait". I've only really heard about this film, and I have no idea what to expect. Director Fred Dekker did go on to direct "The Monster Squad", so I imagine great 80's fun is to be had.
2. Frozen Land- Finnish drama about a single incident that ripples through a town and affects the inhabitants. This 2008 film ranked pretty high on several Film Comment contributors' respective "best of' lists.
3. Family Guy: Something.... Dark- The original "Star Wars" rip-off by Seth McFarland and company was so perfectly hilarious, I look forward to more of the same.
4. White Lightnin'- From the Netflix description: One of the best Burt Reynolds "rednecks and cars" movies, White Lightning serves up some great auto chases through a sweaty, dirt-poor Southern atmosphere. Reynolds is a good ol' boy who runs moonshine and squares off against his nemesis, a sheriff (Ned Beatty) who has as little regard for the law as Burt does. A must-see for 1970s film buffs or action fans." Directed by Joseph Sargent, whose "Colossus; The Forbin Project" was such great cheesy fun, "White Lightnin" sounds like more of the same.
5. Grand Slam- This late 60's Italian heist film starring an eclectic cast including Edward G. Robinson, Klaus Kinksi, Janet Leigh and Robert Hoffman just sounds infectious. On never knows what they may get with Italian knock offs like this, but I'm definitely willing to give it a try.
6. Solo con tu Pareja- Alfonso Cuaron's debut film, it's described as a moral comedy when a young man is falsly identified with a terminal disease and he falls in love with a nurse.
7. Service- Filipino director Brillante Mendoza received some notoriety last year when Roger Ebert critically panned his film "Kinatay". Other critics hailed it. This being my first Kinatay film, I'm open to any merits. I can't say the film's synopsis raises my hopes though: "While the Pineda family matriarch, Nanay Flor (Gina PareƱo), brings suit against her bigamist husband, the rest of her brood struggle with their own demons as they operate a run-down porno theater in the Philippines in director Brillante Mendoza's drama. The goings-on include one son (Coco Martin) dealing with a boil on his butt as another pair of siblings contemplates incest, all amid the seedy sexual shenanigans of the theater's clientele."
8. Homicide- I saw David Mamet's early 90's film on VHS back in the day and was floored (as usual) by his mastery of dialogue and tone. I may move this one up to the top soon. It recently made it's Criterion DVD debut.
9. Blood and Wine- Yes, the 1996 Jack Nicholson slow-burn noir that is another re watch.
10. I Am Cuba- Landmark Cuban film from the 60's whose technical prowess has been mimicked by P.T. Anderson (the long take of a woman getting up, walking into a pool and then following her underwater in "Boogie Nights") and scores of other filmmakers. No reason why I've never seen it.

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