Monday, May 12, 2008

Malick Makes My Wish Come True

Late last year, I posted a wish list that surfaced the idea that one of my favorite directors, Terrence Malick, would get his latest film off the ground. Now, it's not a secret that Malick is from my small hometown in Texas, but while visiting family over the weekend, my mother mentioned that part of downtown had been closed for a movie shoot late on Friday night. She brought the article in and, utterly surprised, it described the possibility of director Terrence Malick shooting scenes for his latest film, "Tree Of Life" which was originally thought to be filming outside of Austin with Brad Pitt. Another article from an Austin source describes the film as a memoir of Malick's days growing up in Waco during the 1950's. Very cool stuff. I can only imagine the lyrical greatness Malick could bring to small town Texas. And I apologize if this is redundant news. This was probably posted weeks ago on Variety and other publications, but since I despise those mags that are one step above tabloids, I gather my news from elsewhere.

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Adam Ross said...

Wow, I would say lots of people's wishes! Malick on 1950s Americana? Yes please. I was just watching "Days of Heaven" this weekend -- I can watch those early scenes where they arrive at the fields all day.