Friday, April 18, 2008

2008 Version of the Bad News Bears?

It's nowhere near as dire as my title suggests, but the '08 baseball season so far has yielded little excitement for Texas Rangers fans. As I write this, I"m watching the Red Sox put a pounding on them 9-3. And with three more games in the series, dare I say a sweep? With a 7-9 record (or about to be 7-10) there's still some hope, and there are surprise stars so far this season, namely young sprite David Murphy. And Josh Hamilton is paying off. And Padillo pitched a hell of a game last night beating Roy Halladay. But, overall, the basics just aren't there for the Rangers. They're making some atrocious fielding errors and can't quite come up with that timely hit (hitting .183 with runners in scoring position.. ouch). I can count at least 3 games that would've been W's if the fielding was there- yes I'm lookin at you Marlon Byrd.

Around the league, a few surprises so far. The Marlins are getting it done with some great young talent. The White Sox and Roylas have pretty much turned the AL central upside down, and The Diamondbacks 11-4? Interesting. Still, it's a long season. And boy do I love baseball. Even with the Stars hoping to make it out of the first round against the Anaheim Ducks (hockey? please.. give me a break) and the Mavericks poised for another playoff collapse (basketball.. ehh really don't care and these playoffs runs for what, 2-3 months? ridiculous), my mind is strictly focused on the diamond. I love this time of year.

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Chris Allen Gaubatz said...

I started following the rangers in 2000, before that I was just a fan of baseball in general. I can watch any game, unlike football, where my primary interest is one team (Broncos). It seems to me that the Rangers like to take young talent, establish them as stars and semi-stars, and then sell them to the league to the highest bidder. The Rangers have been on the verge of greatness for the last 3 or four years, but they seem to be content with mediocrity. One example is Kenny Rogers. They helped him revitalize his career, and then ship him off to Detroit so he could pitch for them in the World Series.