Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's In the Netflix Queue #15

Or otherwise known as the post when I have nothing else in the 'ol noggin right now. Next ten titles in my queue:

1. Soylent Green- Is people! I'm sure I've seen this somewhere along the way, but can't remember a single frame of it besides Heston's screaming. Plus it's another Richard Fleischer film.
2. Lust, Caution- Ang Lee film that I missed last year because it was released on one measly screen in the metropolis of Dallas. And that's even AFTER all the buzz about its torrid sex.
3. Big Bang Love, Juvenile A- The 1,023rd film of Takashi Miike... or something like that.
4. Race With the Devil-If anyone has noticed my new thread of posts titled 70's Bonanza, it's directly related to my love for that decade of film making. I've got about 25 more 70's flicks in my queue right now. This one stars Warren Oates and Peter Fonda as guys who, while road tripping with their wives, inadvertently witness a satanic sacrifice. Then hell comes 'a callin. Sounds like great 70's fun.
5. Vagabond- Agnes Varda film that I used to see regularly listed on IFC or Sundance channel. I have neither now, so DVD is my next best option.
6. Dance Party USA- I can't say I'm looking forward to this much anymore. As discussions on earlier posts recount, my interest in the DIY movement is waning. This one is directed by Aaron Katz, whose "Quiet City" left me lukewarm. I'll still give it a shot, though.
7. Mafioso- Criterion DVD that was released this week. It has my interest piqued. Had never heard of it until the raves last year. Any film that deserves a theatrical release (as Melville's "Army of Shadows" last year) some 30 years plus has to be great, right?
8. The Idiot- One of the few Kurosawa I've yet to see.
9. The Laughing Policemen- 70's flick with Bruce Dern (god, I love him) and Walter Matthau. From Netflix description: "A serial killer pursues innocent bus riders in the city of San Francisco, and his spree culminates in the brazen murder of an entire busload of people. The horrific incident gets the attention of Detective Jake Martin (Walter Matthau), who's deeply affected by the senseless murders, as his partner was one of those killed. With a new partner (Bruce Dern) by his side, Jake digs deep into the darkest areas of the city to obtain justice." So is this movie just not good or is there a reason I haven't heard it being touted as an underrated 70's police procedural?
10. Scandal- The last film from the recent postwar Kurosawa film set released earlier this year.

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